Here’s some bonus content. These are a few things I’ve worked on which are available on-line.
Netiquette Handbook

This handbook was created for my Trainer Certification Course. Since I’ve already concluded it, I’ve decided to place it freely available on-line in PDF format, as it can be useful to new Internet users (or even to experienced users who want to know more about Netiquette). It’s available only in Portuguese.



Press is a field of extreme interest to me, not only for the journalism side of things, but also for everything that creating a magazine involves. For that, apart from ocasionally writing for computer-related magazines, I’ve also joined a few projects in other functions.

The first project in this field I was involved with was the “Viver Coimbra” e-magazine, an amateur project created by users of the Forum Coimbra website. We released three issues, before having to cancel the project due to lack of time. In this project, I was the promotor, handled the graphic side and also wrote a few articles. It only had an electronic edition.

The second project was renewing the newspaper of my current school, “O Bazófias”. The idea was to completely abandon the old newspaper’s model, as well as its look (simple photocopied and stapled sheets of paper). I’ve introduced a new model, based in a journalism club, with a team of students assuming the staff tasks. Its visual was completely changed, being close to a magazine and including a free electronic edition in complement to the print edition.

Due to the work I did on remodeling the school’s newspaper, I received an invitation from CFAE Minerva’s director to produce their magazine. I was responsible for the design and layout of the first issue of this magazine, which had a print run and is also available in PDF format. Following a new invitation, I also did its second issue.

“O Bazófias” Newspaper (nº 36 – July/2012):
Minerva Magazine (nº 2 – July/2011):
“O Bazófias” Newspaper (nº 35 – June/2011):
Minerva Magazine (nº 1 – December/2010):
“O Bazófias” Newspaper (nº 34 – June/2010):
“Viver Coimbra” Magazine (nº 3 – April/2008):
“Viver Coimbra” Magazine (nº 2 – March/2008):
“Viver Coimbra” Magazine (nº 1 – February/2008):


Most of the games I’ve worked on were released commercially. However, there’s a few that are freely available on-line and that you can still play. Please keep in mind, though, that these aren’t commercial games, they were mainly made for fun or to practice programming – and a fair amount of them are around a decade old.

O Carrinho do Zorrinho:
Released in: 2012
This is a rather simple game, which was developed in just a few hours. It was meant as a critic to a case of futile spending of tax payers’ money on cars and how a politician justified it on his facebook page. The goal is simple: collect the coins representing tax payers’ money. The more you catch, the better will the car you get for that politician be.

Released in: 2002
Contamination was one of my first Java games, made over 10 years ago. It was initially created just to practice Java programming and it’s rather simplistic, but ended up becoming quite popular in its day (it even made Penny Arcade’s front page). 

Released in: 2003
Cube was one of my most popular mobile games created as indie developer. It’s a 3D tic tac toe, supporting up to four players. The mobile version used only graphics primitives and could self-adjust to any mobile phone, which was a large plus when it was released. It was chosen by Vodafone España as a promotional game when they started selling the Sony Ericsson T610. Please note that the web version was created to provide a broader test base for the AI, but its interface is still based on the mobile version (ie, keypad instead of mouse).

Released in: 2010
Orbix is an Android project I started in 2010, to have some fun with the Android SDK. Unfortunately, at the time I had to focus on other projects and ended up postponing it. It eventually made its way to the Play Store in 2011 and I made some adjustments then, but it’s still more of an early idea prototype than an actual game.

Forum Coimbra

Forum Coimbra was created to provide an on-line discussion space about Coimbra, a Portuguese city. It currently gets 2000 to 3000 daily visits, having become an important and complete reference about this city.

It went through a restyling in March/2011, with an upgrade to PHPBB3 and a new look, featuring a customized version of the we_universal style – including a header than randomly displays images from Coimbra.