I’ve worked in a few different fields over the years, although mobile is what I consider to be my main area. Here’s a little bit about what I’ve done.


I started teaching in 2007, initially only to try out a new activity, but ended up finding out that it’s something I really enjoy doing (and, luckily, students also seem to like having me as teacher). I teach computer classes, from simple stuff like Computer Basics and Office Applications to more technical topics, involving network installation and configuration, hardware maintenance, web design or data base management, for example. I’ve had students from varied age groups, from kids to adults, with all sorts of social and cultural backgrounds, providing some challenging, fun and interesting experiences.

I’m also a certified trainer, specialized in programming and software development, primarily involving Java or mobile platforms. If you’re interested in hiring me, send me an e-mail to check for availability.

I don’t restrict my activities to the classroom, as I feel that a teacher should help the community. I’ve created and managed a journalism club, provided all kinds of technical support when required, organized field trips, created and organized a series of conferences, motivated my students to promote workshops for their colleagues… in short, all sorts of activities which I felt would provide valuable experience to my students, allow them to use their acquired knowledge and improve the community.

Mobile Software

I’ve been developing mobile software for over 10 years. I still remember the days where all you had to play with was a black&white screen and a few kilobytes of memory were luxurious – I once developed for a device where the entire program had to fit in 4 kB, for example. My main focus during those initial days were games. After an indie start, I got a job as programmer at CSP Mobile (which would later become Maxartists). A few months went by and I became Lead Game Designer and Project Manager. Among my responsibilities were team management, game design, creating new game concepts, coordinating with the marketing team and much, much more. During this period, I was involved in around 80 published mobile games, including both original and branded content (DSF, Anastacia, Mainzelmannchen, etc). I also worked in projects involving mobile ticketing and mobile services.

I left Maxartists in 2008. Since then, I did some development in JME, but what’s really been getting my time and attention for the last couple of years is Android. It’s a feature rich platform and fun to develop for. Coupled with some really cool hardware, there’s a lot that can be done with it. I’ve already worked in a few projects for it and it should continue to be my main development platform for some more time.


Writing is one of my favourite activities. I’ve been a frequent guest writer on several gaming magazines since 2003. I was responsible for the mobile gaming section in the “Megascore” and “Hype!” magazines, having also maintained an opinion column at “Skoar!” and “Foneplay”. They all were really cool experiences – and there’s always the awesome bonus of getting free magazines!

Apart from my work as a collaborator, I’ve also tried my hand at managing a magazine, albeit on an amateur level. I’ve created and managed two different projects in this area, which resulted in 6 issues. It provided an interesting experience, allowing me to use my skills for something entirely different from what I had done before.

I like the several stages behind creating a magazine. Planning, researching, writing, designing… everything’s fun, especially once you get to the final result. Getting that issue off the presses and looking at your work is quite cool. That’s one of the main reasons why I started the Journalism Club at my previous school. Working with my students to create a magazine they could call their own was a blast.

This is one of those fields where it’d be awesome to do more work, since I really enjoyed all my previous experiences.

Mobile Networks

I’m currently working in the mobile networks performance management area. I first entered this field working on a project at PT Inovação, for the Brazilian operator Oi. I’m now at Nokia Solutions and Networks, where I’m part of the Network Performance Manager team. It’s being a cool experience so far, as it allows me to work in a wide range of areas, from Java development to test automation.