Battlefield 1942 available for free!
November 6, 2012 at 00:52

EA released Battlefield 1942 for free on the Origin Store! Even though it’s on the Demos section, it’s the full game. They also did something awesome and decided not to mess with it. This means that the graphics are dated and that the maximum available resolution is below my current one, but it also means that the things that make recent games annoying aren’t there (like the purchaseable “all weapons” unlock codes – or cheats, as I prefer to call’em).

Does the game still hold up after 10 years? Surprisingly for some, not so surprisingly if you played it back in the day, yes. You will notice some annoying details on the control system, the game’s pace is a bit slower than more modern games and the maps lack the detail level we’re becoming used to, but it’s still quite fun to play. In quite a few ways, it’s a better game than BF3. The planes, in particular, were a lot more awesome in BF 1942. The flying physics offers a higher realism and difficulty, but still remaining arcade enough to be easy to play. On top of it, in some of the maps you can fly the monstruous B-17, which is what the C-130 in BF3 should have been – instead of that annoying path-following crap.

Although this version is incompatible with the servers from the old one, there are already a few thousand players on-line and this number should keep growing. Let’s just hope that EA doesn’t decide to ruin everything by screwing this game trying to get some extra profit from it (yes, micropayments, I’m looking at you).